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We Are Hayat Biotech

We are your partner in science and life. We challenge the barriers of science to reimagine the future of life.

We are a Joint Venture between Sinopharm CNBG and G42, based in ADGM, Abu Dhabi, UAE. We are on a continuous journey to expand our diversified portfolio through innovative research and development endeavors with a desire to better humanity.

As a step towards the fight against the pandemic, we are launching the Arab world's first purpose-driven R&D hub for life sciences, biotechnology and vaccination production, which will be located in the heart of Abu Dhabi's trade, logistics and industrial zone, KIZAD.

We carry a well-reputed presence across a multitude of local and international markets along and maintain state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities which promise high quality, export-grade solutions that impact our society.

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Our Expertise

As your partners in science and life, our expertise spans across four key pillars with the intent to deliver high-quality, export-grade products.
Strengthening patient well-being through primary preventive medicine that drives immunization and resistance.
Improving medical accuracy through tailored treatments that increase efficiency and reliably differentiate diseases.
Uncovering modern antibody and biotherapeutic solutions through innovative science-based technology.
Redefining cosmetic procedures through enhanced high-quality medical aesthetic treatments.

Together we imagine the future of Life.

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