Our Story

We are Hayat Biotech; reshaping the future of life

Hayat Biotech was established in 2021 as a joint venture between research-driven pharmaceutical company Sinopharm CNBG and leading Abu Dhabi based Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing company, G42

CNBG and G42 have continuously pushed the boundaries of science and technology by developing holistic and scalable technology solutions in healthcare. When CNBG’s 100 years of medical expertise joined forces with G42’s technological know-how, Hayat Biotech was born as a UAE-based Biotechnology entity to bring the power and knowledge of two great nations in a relentless pursuit to break the barriers of science.

Created with an aim to deliver innovative biotechnological capabilities to the globe, today we aim to consistently challenge the barriers of science in our determination to elevate the standards of life.

Our Purpose

We are challenging the barriers
of science to reimagine the
future of life

Our Contributions
National Vaccine Security<br>in the UAE

National Vaccine Security
in the UAE

The UAE is undoubtedly one of the few countries around the world that have shown resilience during the unprecedented time of an unexpected pandemic, ranking one of the top places in the world’s response to COVID-19’s resilience.

In 2020, we provided the UAE with access to the latest in vaccine technology, as the UAE government encouraged citizens to book appointments for vaccination at no cost, and at a rapid rate, to secure the safety of the nation. Having the ability to vaccinate the majority of the population resulted in keeping rates low with high immunization. We have proudly been a part of the UAE’s earnestness in being pandemic-prepared, with National Vaccine Security being the ultimate strategic goal. We are proudly one of the first companies to have achieved the highest rate of vaccination in the world.

Global Distribution of Preventive Medicine

Global Distribution of Preventive Medicine

When the global pandemic hit in 2020, millions of individuals around the world were left without the needed care.

As a crucial step in the fight against the pandemic, we embarked on a journey to provide the world with access to preventive medication. We made it our goal to secure, donate, and distribute preventive medication across the entire globe, with an aim to reduce the risk of infectious disease and lower fatality rates.

By expanding on strategic partnerships and locations across the world, to date, we spearheaded entry into various markets and have successfully delivered to 64 countries across the globe, and continue our pledge to reimagine the future of life.

Our Clinical Trials

Advancing scientific frontiers through clinical trials across the UAE.

As a life and science hub with an aim to elevate the standards of life across the globe, we have successfully conducted eight clinical trials in the UAE to date.

In line with our efforts to advance scientific frontiers, each clinical trial has been deployed through in-depth scientific and technology-based research and development, with the desire to rethink a better life for all of humanity. A key advantage of being based in the UAE is thanks to its cosmopolitan culture and access to a plethora of nationalities from around the globe.

Our Strengths

We carry a well-reputed presence across a multitude of local and international markets in our relentless pursuit to break the barriers of science across borders.

Belgrade, Serbia Abu Dhabi, UAE
Our Leadership
Hongbin Cong

Chief Executive Officer

" Bringing the power & knowledge of two great nations together enables us to do scientific breakthroughs and deliver biotechnological capabilities to the globe for a safer and healthier long life.

Naser Al Yammahi

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

" We understand the weight of responsibility in dealing with human life and that health and well-being are at the core of a thriving population and planet. Our promise is to be a trusted partner for Life Science.