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Hayat Biotech to lead conversation on role of biotechnology in healthcare at GITEX

Senior Consultant at Group 42-Sinopharm BNCG biotech company, Dr Nawal Al Kaabi, to deliver key address at latest edition of tech event

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Leading biotech scientist, Dr Nawal Al Kaabi, will today address assembled visitors to GITEX on the protection of societies and drug security, drawing on her personal expertise and experience, and supported by UAE-China partnered Hayat Biotech, where she holds the role of Senior Consultant.

Hayat Biotech is the partnership between Abu Dhabi-based G42 and Sinopharm CNBG, responsible for the manufacture and distribution of the BBiB-CorV inactivated covid-19 vaccine, which has enabled the UAE to become self-sufficient in vaccine supplies.  The company is also in the late stages of discussions to supply other neighbouring countries and ensure equitable access to the vaccine.

Dr Al Kaabi will deliver a presentation at the G42 stand today, in her role as Senior Consultant for Hayat Biotech, exploring biotechnology as the present and the future of healthcare. The rapidly evolving science is elevating the medical sector as a whole and providing the tools needed to reduce and fight the rate of infectious diseases, increase knowledge of specific disorders, and increase efficiency in manufacturing processes.

Deputy CEO of Hayat Biotech, Naser Al Yammahi, reinforced this idea, commenting, “Our team of healthcare professionals are united in our desire to pioneer new science-led, technology-based, human-centric solutions. We want to spearhead real and meaningful change, providing the world with access to preventive medicine and empowering people to make informed decisions about the future of their health and wellbeing.

Following the presentation, Dr Al Kaabi will also contribute to a podcast discussion on why local R&D and manufacturing is important in building a sustainable healthcare ecosystem.

“Local R&D ecosystems create powerful forces that can reshape the industry”, said Dr Al Kaabi. “Local production of pharmaceuticals plays a vital role in maintaining resilience of national healthcare systems, especially when it comes to facilitating access to needed medicines and decreasing exposure to imports and international supply chains.”

The podcast will also explore pharma as a research-intensive industry, and the systemic lack of governance and support to R&D activities in this sector, among other host of related issues. Dr Al Kaabi continued, “Unsupportive regulatory regimes and human resources capacity limitations, are just two of the major impediments to the diversifying of locally produced pharmaceuticals portfolio.”

Also in attendance will be CEO of Hayat Biotech, Hongbin Cong who will be available for interviews discussing the moves the biotechnology specialists are making to build an effective ecosystem in the space, in the UAE and across the region, including their state-of-the-art hub at KIZAD.

The G42 stand is located at Hall 6A, Stand 20 at GITEX, and the podcast will be available through G42 on air platforms.


About Hayat Biotech

Hayat Biotech was established in 2021 as a joint venture between research-driven pharmaceutical company Sinopharm CNBG and leading Abu Dhabi based Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing company, G42

CNBG and G42 have continuously pushed the boundaries of science and technology by developing holistic and scalable technology solutions in healthcare. When CNBG’s 100 years of medical expertise joined forces with G42’s technological know-how, Hayat Biotech was born as a UAE-based Biotechnology entity to bring the power and knowledge of two great nations in a relentless pursuit to break the barriers of science.

Created with an aim to deliver innovative biotechnological capabilities to the globe, today we aim to consistently challenge the barriers of science in our determination to elevate the standards of life.

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