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Hayat Biotech hosts Revolutionizing Life Sciences from Abu Dhabi discussion panel Copy

Abu Dhabi, UAE,  06 June 2023: Hayat Biotech, a leading biotechnology company headquartered in the UAE, has invited national and international healthcare experts, renowned academics, and representatives from the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH) to discuss the future of the UAE healthcare system and the role of Abu Dhabi on the international stage. The panel discussion, titled Revolutionizing Life Sciences from Abu Dhabi, took place at Khalifa University, Hayat Biotech’s key strategic partner in research and development, career enhancement, and human capital development.


In line with DoH’s mission to become a global hub for research and innovation in life sciences and following the declaration of collaboration signed between DoH and Hayat Biotech in January 2023, the discussion panel stimulated the exchange of knowledge and experiences and explored priorities and key areas of activations and collaboration.


The event started with welcoming remarks by Naser Al Yammahi, Deputy CEO of Hayat Biotech.


Moderated by Mustafa Al Rawi, acting managing director at CNN Business Arabic, Dr. Dirk Kuhlmeier, Co-founder of Fraunhofer Project Center; Dr. Nawal Al Kaabi, Senior Advisor at Haya Biotech; Dr. Dirk Richter, Abu Dhabi Department of Health (DoH) Director of Health Sector Innovation; Yunli Zhao, Vice President of Hayat Biotech Production; and Dr. Mira Mousa, Deputy Director of the Biomedical Science Discovery Program at Khalifa University, shared their views on the role of clinical trials, on the importance of R&D and on the evolving manufacturing capabilities of the UAE that will position Abu Dhabi and the MENA region as key players in the global life sciences industry.


Hayat Biotech’s cutting-edge biotechnology facilities located in Abu Dhabi and Belgrade, Serbia, boasting a combined annual production capacity of 230 million vials, play a crucial role in the company’s global ambitions. By attracting international companies to relocate their production to these facilities, Hayat Biotech has successfully formed partnerships and positioned itself as the preferred destination of choice for biopharma companies seeking to establish local and regional production capabilities in the UAE.


Following the discussion, the senior leadership of Fraunhofer Institute and Hayat Biotech engaged in additional conversations exploring the potential for clinical trial collaboration, diagnostics and vaccine production.


Due to its strategic geographical location, Abu Dhabi serves as a secure and efficient gateway for global distribution, particularly in the healthcare industry. The UAE authorities have taken proactive measures by implementing diverse programs and initiatives, fostering an attractive environment for international players to establish in the region. Leveraging its remarkable advancements in healthcare, the UAE has solidified its position as a prominent hub for medication logistics, transportation, and distribution, playing an active role in improving global health outcomes.


Hayat Biotech, in collaboration with IROS, has established itself as a preferred partner for clinical studies in the healthcare industry, due to its expertise and ongoing commitment to conducting clinical trials. In addition to the eight clinical trials that have already been conducted across the UAE, Hayat Biotech is continuously developing new and innovative biopharma products that address unmet medical needs or improve upon existing treatments. The company’s dedication to medical science has made it a trusted partner for biopharma companies looking to conduct clinical studies and bring new products to market.

Naser Al Yammahi, Deputy CEO of Hayat Biotech, said: “This discussion panel presents a unique opportunity to engage in stimulating conversations with national and international distinguished experts. Esteemed speakers, industry leaders, renowned academics, and Hayat Biotech executives share their expertise and discuss the transformative implications of the company’s contributions to the healthcare ecosystem. We are passionately committed to supporting the Department of Health’s ambitious vision of establishing Abu Dhabi as a preeminent global hub for biotechnology and life sciences. To realise this vision, we will leverage our cutting-edge expertise in biopharma and will harness the advanced manufacturing capabilities of Hayat Biotech. Our unwavering focus is on collaborating with international pharmaceutical companies to facilitate the localisation of their productions and help them achieve their growth objectives. Our ultimate goal is to create a lasting impact on the sector at a global level, transforming the landscape of biotechnology and life sciences for generations to come.”

Emphasising the importance of clinical trials in the life sciences industry, Dr. Nawal Al Kaabi, Senior Advisor at Hayat Biotech, said: “At Hayat Biotech, we want to safeguard current and future generations by making medicine and vaccines easily accessible and supporting the advancement of the R&D. Conducting clinical trials in Abu Dhabi provide access to diverse patient populations that may not be available in other regions. This diversity can be crucial in testing the efficacy and safety of drugs in different ethnic groups and people with different health conditions, which can lead to more accurate results and better treatments.


“Our collaboration with the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi has been very successful and we are working to expand it further with the objective of providing access to new and innovative treatments nationally and internationally.”


Hayat Biotech’s commitment to transforming the healthcare industry through innovative solutions and partnerships with local and global stakeholders is evident. As Abu Dhabi continues to establish itself as a leading hub for research, development, and production of biopharmas, Hayat Biotech is playing a critical role in driving this progress. With cutting-edge facilities and a dedicated team of experts, the company is well-positioned to significantly impact the global life sciences industry.